What your student need to Learn Year by Year ?

to be Future Ready

How your student need to learn Year by Year ?

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How much is one year's worth of learning?

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I Year - Outcome

  • Strong knowledge on basic subjects
  • 50% improvement in communication skills
  • Improvement in basic level Aptitude
  • 40% improvement in programming skills

II Year - Outcome

  • 60% improvement in academics
  • Good command on communication skills
  • 60% increase in progress on Aptitude
  • Improvement in problem solving skills
  • 70% improvement in programming skills
  • Understanding the technology
  • Quick understanding of company specific test patterns

III Year - Outcome

  • Improvement in academics
  • Able to face any interviews with improved communication skills
  • Confident on Aptitide/ Reasoning/English
  • Confident to face any entry level tests conducting by MNC's
  • Good knowledge on Technical skills
  • GATE readiness

IV Year - Outcome

  • 100 % improvement in Core subject knowledge
  • 100 % readiness on Aptitide/ Reasoning/English
  • Ready to face any entry level tests conducting by MNC's
  • Ready to crack GATE exam
  • Confident to face real time interviews

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